Sherrie successfully applied to Coventry Arts & Heritage Trail, this art film she exclusively created for Spon Spun, showing at the Lower Holyhead Art Studio basement, the very place where Coventry’s The Specials started and rehearsed.
#ThisisCoventry #Re-invention #Extraordinarywomen
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Artist: Sherrie Edgar Artist Sherrie Edgar has created an experimental, poetic and reflective film that captures and explores her experience of Spon End as a local resident in the 1990's. The brutalist architecture of the area is complemented with urban sounds and music exclusively recorded for Spon Spun Festival 2018. At the time Sherrie Edgar was studying MA Contemporary Arts Practice, where her practice focuses on the use of film and photography to explore the the impact of environments on emotions.
The Endz research film had contributed to the Spon End: A Local Guide Paperback book by
Marijn Nieuwenhuis (Author), Aya Nassar (Author), Carol Leach (Author)
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