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Still Motion is a 6 minutes film © Sherrie Edgar
Still Motion Poem
Entering and going, focused and blurred. As I think, thought haze, emblemble of time becomes faint. I’m still here, my mind is not.
I’m still here, my body is not. Patterns form around me, moving trees, civic and aluminium buildings are brief existence. One moment dissolves into another, yet I am still here, moving, going nowhere. Loss is a sensation, within a space, aspect entrance, outside is a puzzle of faint layers.
Words illuminates a special sequence of the unconsciousness, unpredictability shared alone. Sound tracked with wonder, travelling airborne adventure constitutes truth. Captivating mythological fantasy, stilly emotional. Only I and the space encased share.
Public road, privately enclosed, trusted with insecurity, controlled by feelings only you and I know. Any scene is set, apparel sequence of images acted upright for attachment, only melody is my passenger, help drift any invasion, disable myth and weave story inbound.
Find location, amputate the mind, situation response. Inhabiting externalised, constructing spirt embodiment. Lost within the vibrations, found in external environment. Shifting gaze, sense function, dimension embodies high order and modifies inter connection.
Unconscious arithmetic state provoke schema. Reflects visual signs of profound emotive. Leonardo precepts inner prophecy and field of energy of only dynamic dimensions of thinking around paradigm transport.
Mechanistic of my window-viewed a single still position in this moving object of multiple points linear condition arising observed re-integration.
Isolated presence, aware insistence departs with pleasure feeling pass on looking encounter. Communicated in direction, revelation. Expectancy something might have happened still moved. Records meditate, glimpsed journey, disillusion beyond poetical motion. Cornell; ‘wagons and vehicles in motion, vehicles of fantasy’. Obedience confuse, emotionalism lets go to mental state and explore nature never outgrown.
Material body affirms proposition in the unreal act to transcend belief. A physical matter only in shadow, where does this lead to? Mediated ride expands light, broadcasted promise captivates the stratosphere.

Information about Still Motion
Music draws you into your deeper self, the self sits in the centre of our thought and memory house, in the chair of our physical presence. Music can cause you to see more of where you really are, expanding with timely beats into more self-awareness brain to think critically and decipher what is felt internally, sparking self-examination within the mind. Music listen to in a car journey can deepen thoughts and provide a prospect of your own personality, psychology and any areas of being. Music is not only entertaining in the car, music enhances special awareness potential opening a window into a deeper place of self. The pop culture today is endorsed in the car, influencing car-driving decisions. Car music consumption is about aesthetic, emotional and sensory responses, as well as patterns of sociability, occupancy and work. The examination of the kinaesthetic dimensions of auto mobility, both human bodies and car bodies, and the relations between them and the spaces through which they move (or fail to move). Drawing on both the phenomenology (experience and consciousness) of car use and approaches in the sociology of emotions. Car cultures are occupied in a deep context of affective and embodied relations between people, machines, spaces (‘automotive emotions’) and displacements performed by cars, roads and drivers: embodied sensibilities and kinaesthetic performances; familial and sociable practices through car use. Recent research into human factors in road safety at the University of Leeds, suggests that positive emotional states could be just as detrimental to a driver’s performance as negative ones. Your emotional state may also prompt your body to allocate energy in certain ways, which could impair your performance as a driver. As a general rule, our bodies like to exist in a state of equilibrium, neither too excited nor not excited enough. Our default mode is one of moderate stimulation, enough to be attentive to our surroundings but not so much that we can’t focus.
So music effect our mood when driving.
OBE Old Beginnings England
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