Filmed at what is now called, The Albany Theatre in Coventry. This location is special to me. It is where I began my art and design practice in the 90’s. Coventry Technical College, The Butts, Institute of art and design became a Technical College under the Education Act 1902. I have many happy memories here. I began to develop painting techniques with my art tutor Rob Talbot, learn what was then, very limited computer-aided design graphics with tutor Simon Gee. I was able to take photographs with celluloid film and develop them. Students were able to converse with other art students freely and I remember how vibrate the fashion students were, the stairs was a regular place to take photographs, the smoking room was like walking into a cigarette cloud and the food canteen was second to none, with high glass ceilings, plenty of tables, and a wide variety of affordable meals and tasty snacks. 
Coventry School of Design was founded in 1843, later renamed the Coventry School of Art. By the 1950's, it became known as the College of Art. The need for a higher technical training in Coventry resulted in the Lanchester College of Technology being built in 1961, which would ultimately become Coventry University. The home of the Technical College at The Butts was built in 1935, opened by the Duke of York, who would later become King George VI. The backdrop in this film is the only part of Coventry Technical Art and Design College (The Butts) that still remains and how it looked when I was a student.
When seeking permission to film here, I had walked into a senior meeting. I proposed my idea for my film to the Albany Theatre team, and with granted consent, I was urged to film within the next 6 weeks, before the building of a new wall in that very location I wanted to film in. That initial day of my visit, contractors were measuring up to build this wall in the grand 1930’s reception hall. The open reception which separates the north wing, from the theatre, formerly the Great Hall, is captured in my film. You can see the fluted stone-tiled columns and pilasters, detailed stone floor tiles with the vertical bar design, in the distance you can see the art deco influenced timber doors with bronze handles, and even the art deco wall light on the right.
During the day, this area is lit with natural light from the original decorative glazed ceiling. In 2002, Coventry Technical College merged with Tile Hill College to create City College.
This film has also been inspired by the British hip-hop / pop music artist, Plan B, Benjamin Paul Ballance-Drew, who features in Iain Forsyth & Jane Pollard, Walking After Acconci (Redirected Approaches) film, age 21. Plan B is a music artist, actor, film director and producer. He was a pioneer in the early 2000’s music scene, and Plan B’s original platform was a series of ground breaking videos. He has released ‘Mercy’, directed by Charlie Targett-Adams, using futuristic geometric shapes. Charlie Targett-Adams is delineated as lazer lines.
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