Mixed Rage Collective
Unapologetically Other Exhibition
Two artworks are included in the Mixed Rage collective first gallery exhibition, showcased at the Midlands Arts Centre during the Birmingham Commonwealth Games 2022
Being Mixed
is a series of 8 photographs and an 18 minutes film of 8 people who are mixed heritages
Divide and Rule
is a 3 minutes film exploring lost identity through the colonisation of India
Divide and Rule art film is an investigation into lost identity in the UK. A modern-day version of the British Empire looting India's most valuable treasures for East India Company's profit. All characters in the film take on the names of real-life historical figures to educate viewers about who and what happened. 
Sherrie Edgar, Sevonah Golabi, Sina Leasuasu, Niall Singh, Jane Thakoordin This group exhibition from Mixed Rage Collective showcases local artists telling of their experiences of being mixed heritage. This exhibition considers the effect of ‘othering’, lack of representation, daily micro-aggressions and displacement felt by people of mixed heritage, interweaving the highly political and colonial backdrop into which they were born, as well as celebrating their mixed cultures and heritage.
During the pandemic, conversations between artists Sevonah Golabi and Niall Singh sparked the Mixed Rage project. After found validation and solidarity, Golabi held an open call for artists from mixed ethnicities and created the opportunity to produce artwork in a safe space. To share the submissions, the newly formed collective designed Mixed Rage Zine’s as a platform wherein they published poems, stories, collages, and various artworks. The Collective seek to challenge the western understanding which often refers to the closeness to whiteness. Being mixed, however, does not always include white mixed heritage.
Unapologetically Other offers a point of connection to appreciate the identity journey of being mixed race. The multifaceted components of validation and similarities, and differences and nuances are reflected in the displayed artworks. These range from multimedia tapestry and prints to an art film exploring lost identity, and from political multi- layered collages to intimate family portraits. With this Mixed Rage offers a broader narrative and a place of recognition and belonging for people of mixed heritage.
"Mixed Rage Collective is a vibrant newly formed group of artists who all share being of mixed heritage. Listening to their lived experiences I learnt about the beauty and challenges of them growing up and how these experiences inspired their expression through art. Besides being a joy to work with, I believe each member also brings a unique and engaging interpretation to the group exhibition Unapologetically Other. I invite you to view each artwork with fresh eyes and to join me in acknowledging and celebrating their beautiful mixed heritage." - Dominique Nok, Curator
 #UnapologeticallyOther @mixedrage With special thanks to Arts Council England and players of the People's Postcode Lottery. Presented as part of the Birmingham 2022 Festival.
Divide and Rule, 2022, 3 Minutes Film
Being Mixed, 2022, 8 Digital C-Type photographic prints and 18 Minutes film
Sherrie is a multidisciplinary artist from Coventry creating films, installations, photography, and audio. With her personal understanding of race relations and practice she explores loneliness, social politics of isolation, feminism, youth culture and mixed heritage. Sherrie is of British, South Asian, Irish, and Dutch heritage.
Divide and Rule art film is an investigation into lost identity in the UK. Being Mixed showcases people's experiences of living as mixed race.
"Being self-aware of your background doesn’t mean you know where you are from, being mixed race reveals the complexity of how you are seen. There are sociocultural benefits in a multi-cultural community, the contribution of art and culture societies stimulate our desire to learn."
Zine Making Workshop with Mixed Rage Collective, MAC Garden Studio Friday 13th May 2022
In Other Words Poetry and Open mic event with group discussions, MAC, 10th June 2022
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