Set to make three films, part of the Film Liberation course.
All three versions of the Film Liberation Project films is advised to use the template script.
First film: In the Night Air
Second film: Like a thief is driven
Third film: Time to Savour
First attempt, I was given no theme, however, I believe my experimental approach adds mystery, enchanting dreamy notes, and a slightly strange sense.
The second version of the script is a crime theme. A woman detects something is not right. I use practical lighting such as street light through the window and mobile phone, adding limitation to what we see and what a person may know. A gun is grabbed at the end, however who is that person, the person committing the crime or the person who lives there?
The third version of the script is a crime theme. The film leans itself to spiritual living after passing. The Thetan experience of what we may miss still lives on physically. We maybe unaware of this presence, however belief of this energy keeps our faith alive, empowers our soul and reunites us to live on. The location and moving figure adds a mysterious narrative, complimented with a poem.  
The Script: INT: HOUSE 
- NIGHT SOMEONE is lying in bed in a deep slumber. The street lights/ Moon Light casts light on their face. There is stillness and silence… Pause Suddenly a sound pierces through the air. The sleeper awakes startled, confused. They get up to investigate as they move through the house. The sound seems to be on a loop.
HALLWAY They person through still being half asleep and half-awake finds it even difficult to find the source of the sound.
They stand in the living room, almost frozen to the spot. They are now fully awake and present. The Sound seems to either not be as loud or the sound is no longer the problem. The problem is now what is before them. A Box is in the middle of the room. They stand and stare at it for a moment. There is stillness and silence… Pause. 
They finally approach the box, getting on to their knees.
They open the box, We see their face react to what’s in the box.

The advice given regarding the script: This is a sample script for you to try. You can storyboard or/and shoot a mini short film with whatever you have handy to you. Each month there will be an option to reshoot this script by adapting it to fit the genres and techniques we will be learning month by month. For the first and last month you can try any genre you like. Be aware that we will be focusing on Horror and Crime genre on two of the months and a mixture of genres on the first and last month. You may want to wait until you do the crime month and horror month to do those versions of this script. However there is many subgenres of these two genres that you could try too if you wish?
More about the Film Liberation course:
The Film Liberation Project presents a completely FREE and collaborative crash course in film and film-making. The Film Liberation Project aims to break down the barriers that surround film-making to give anyone the chance to be a filmmaker. It’s about working with what you’ve got and giving yourself permission to create and try new things. Starting in July and finishing in November (with August off), you will focus on particular genres and ideas through a selection of short and feature films with additional video essays, articles, interviews, fan and film theory. Via Zoom there will be post-screening discussions as well as informative online seminars that will be led by the filmmakers and cover and combine the practical, the theoretical, film history and DIY ethics. There will be opportunities to have one to one’s with the filmmakers leading the project to discuss your work, as well as problem solving with your fellow participants. No film studies or filmmaking experience necessary.
The commitment expected over our 4 month programme will be:
• 3 hours of online seminars a month. • 2.5 – 4.5 hours watching 1 – 2 feature films a month and 0-5 short films • 1 week – 2 weeks period of filmmaking a month in your own time. plus • Optional one to one and group discussions. • Optional class reunion/screening opportunity Materials are free but you will need some core items to help you engage with us. – • Access to internet using Zoom for online seminars and for watching films • Camera – can be camcorder or camera phone • Laptop/Tablet or phone to access free editing software • Bank account – to receive a refund for payment of film hire Those who have no experience in filmmaking will be prioritised over those who have. 
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