A commission given by The POD and The Tin Music and Arts' DIALOGUE partnership in Coventry, UK in April 2020 to make new work in response to COVID19.
The Pod’s art and cultural work is steered through/sits under the Pod's DIALOGUE programme: an evolving partnership/conversation with key cultural organisations, communities of interest, practitioners and activists to maximise the impact of the Pod Café as a unique venue, Supper Clubs, underGROWTH, the Food Union CV5 allotment and the Bob and Roberta Smith Zine reading room.

As part of DIALOGUE, The Tin Music and Arts are thrilled to be able to invite artists, musicians, activists and associates to apply for 4 commissions to create a pod cast, video, piece of music, online Zine, how to guide, conversation about work in process, that will create DIALOGUE about their art practice or something they are passionate about, it will be shared by the Pod and The Tin, across their various platforms.
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