1 hour 30 minutes
 Coventry to London
London to Coventry

Midlands - Capital
5.751 million population West Midlands
8.136 million population London (2015)

129 NPO Midlands
253 NPO London (2018-22)

£277.1 million Midlands ACE funding
£647.9 million London ACE funding (2018-22)

6.8% Creative industry in Midlands (second lowest)
16.4% Creative industry in London (highest)

Explore with eyes, widen the mind, expand the brain
Here and There
To From
Excite Disappoint
High Low
Right Left
In Out

Looking, watching, waiting

Left speaker: COV to LND
Right speaker: LND to COV

Left: COV to LND
Right: LND to COV
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