An experiential film inspired by works of Andy Warhol. He did many portraits of himself, exploring the relationship between artistic expression, celebrity culture and advertising, with many mediums. His style has been admired and replicated since, one that inspires me the most is the invisible, produced tainted images.
This film is my own portrait, exploring mortality, similar to Marilyn Diptych. Providing an empty blank background, I wear black to show the dark still body that remains, giving focus on my face, with a direct stare to the viewer, a gaze, with no expression
The fading represents the surface, nothing is immortal, we drift in a world of nothingness, we have no true meaning or defiance, existing for mere being and when we go, we all go.
Such as Warhol’s screen prints, this is an extension to the 'photograph', mimicking the isolated flickering image as it hits the screen (photography developing), registering for a moment, then gone.
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